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The Classic East is a novel concert series that is set to feature some of the celebrated names in classic rock. This year among the great band to be featured will be the 2004 hall of fame band Dobbie Brothers. The Dobbie band history is somewhat divided into three eras, that spanned from 1969 when Tom Johnston was the lead vocalist featuring a country, folk as well as R&B mainstream rock and roll feel. Michael McDonald late replaced Johnson in 1975 bringing a more soulful tune to the band; however, this union only lasted until 1982. After five years of inactivity, Johnston reunited with his old band and with the occasional contribution from McDonald; the band became one to the best in the business. Currently, the band has sold over 40 million albums worldwide that include 3 multi-platinum, 7 platinum, 14 gold as well as 1 diamond Album. a feat that has seen them win four Grammy Awards. The Dobbie Brother most recent album ‘Southbound, on Artista Nashville’, is currently considered it best as it features the band’s greatest hits new recordings. Additionally, in an effort to the new album part of a playlist phenomenon in classic rock lovers records, great rock icons such as Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley as well as Zac Brown Band have been featured in developing new sounds as well as remakes. This tactic seems to have worked as the Dobbie brother have tailed up five top 10 singles as well as featured 16 of their hits in the US top 40 classic rock hits. Before the new album, the Dobbie brothers best-selling album had racked up sales of about 12 million copies; nonetheless, with the performances of tracks such as ‘Black water as well as What a fool believes which continue to cause ripples across the classic rock realms that number will soon be surpassed. All attendants of this year’s classic East concert are guaranteed to enjoy the best of the Dobbie Brothers.

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